Changes to Cards in the December Release

In the December update, no cards will be changed. This is an explanation of why we're not making adjustments at the current time.

The Game Environment at a Glance
All data was taken from high-ranking matches in mid-December.

Top 3 decks with the highest win rates
1. Storm Haven (55.2%)
- An aggressive Havencraft deck that primarily uses Winged Sentinel Garuda and followers with Storm
2. Carabosse Blood (55.0%)
- An aggressive Bloodcraft deck that primarily uses Carabosse, Wicked Fairy
3. Vengeance Blood (54.7%)
- An aggressive Bloodcraft deck that makes use of followers that trigger Vengeance like Belphegor, and followers that become more powerful with Vengeance like Dark Airjammer

Top 3 decks with the highest usage rates
1. Dirt Rune (9.1%)
- A Runecraft deck that primarily uses Wizardess of Oz and Earth Rite cards
2. Storm Haven (7.7%)
3. Carabosse Blood (6.9%)

There are no deck archetypes that are markedly dominant in terms of win rate in the current game environment. In addition, there are eleven archetypes with win rates higher than 51%, indicating a diverse playing environment. While there are currently two aggressive Bloodcraft deck archetypes (Carabosse Blood and Vengeance Blood) with high win rates, the structures of these decks are significantly different from one another. Also, there are no archetypes with particularly high usage rates and currently there are ten archetypes with usage rates above 4.0%, again indicating a diverse playing environment. After analyzing these two data sets together, we believe that no further changes to cards are needed at this time.

We're still monitoring the win rates for players with first-turn advantage. While our mid-November data of high-ranking matches revealed a first-turn win rate of 51.3%, our current data has revealed a 51.4% win rate. This indicates stabilization of the first-turn advantage near a 50% mark.

Because no archetype has significantly high win or usage rates; a diverse playing environment exists; and the difference between first-turn and second-turn win rates is not particularly high, we have decided that no cards require change.

Future Changes to Cards
In the December update Rotation, a new deck construction format, will be added. The current format, which allows players to use cards from all card sets, will be called Unlimited. The card pool for deck building in Unlimited will increase with every expansion, and as time goes on we may limit or ban certain cards in order to balance gameplay in both formats.

We routinely review match data in the Shadowverse Team. In order to maintain a great game environment, we change card costs and effects and boost the number of vials that are available from liquefying cards. Any future changes to cards' costs and abilities will be announced on a prespecified date, and then changes will generally be made the next day. See below for the scheduled announcement and change dates.

January 28 (Announcement), January 29 (Change)
February 25 (Announcement), February 26 (Change)
March 27 (Announcement), March 28 (Change)

These dates are, however, subject to change. We may also make changes to cards outside of these dates in cases where immediate changes are necessary. Even if there are no changes made to cards, we’ll still announce that things are staying the same.

Shadowverse Team