(Update 4) A Treasure Trove of Rupies Awaits!

(Update 4)
The results of each day's draw is announced on the event page at 1:00 a.m. (PT) on the day following your entry.
Entry periods reset at 12:59 p.m. (PT).

After the Mar 28 maintenance, the Treasure Trove of Rupies event begins! Play private matches during this event and you could be randomly selected to win 500,000 rupies, card pack tickets, cards, or other great rewards.

During this event, an exclusive mission will appear daily. Play a private match with a different player every day to clear the mission and become eligible for rewards. In addition, completing the special daily mission will earn you a Dawnbreak, Nightedge ticket. You don't need to win the match—just play until the end.

There are two types of rewards, special and standard. Players who aren't chosen for special rewards still have a chance at standard rewards.

To receive exclusive missions, complete the tutorial and play the game during the event period.

Post-maintenance, Mar 28, 2018 – 1 p.m., Apr 7, 2018 (PT)


Special Rewards:
First prize: 500,000 rupies (One winner daily)
Second prize: 50,000 rupies (Five winners daily)

Residents of Japan may select from other rewards. Special rewards can only be won once per player during this event.

Standard Rewards:
50 rupies
100 rupies
500 rupies
1000 rupies
2000 rupies
1 Dawnbreak, Nightedge ticket
3 Dawnbreak, Nightedge tickets
10 Dawnbreak, Nightedge tickets
1 gold card
1 animated gold card
1 legendary card
1 animated legendary card

The above rewards are not available to special reward winners.


- Days reset at 1:00 p.m.
- If you quit a match, the exclusive mission won't count as completed.
- During this promotion, matches with a given opponent will only count for exclusive missions one time.

Example 1:
If you play a private match against Player A on Day 1 and Day 2 of the event, the special mission will be considered complete for Day 1, but not Day 2.

Example 2:
If you played with Player A followed by Player B on Day 1, Player A will be counted toward your mission completion. On Day 2 if you play with Player A followed by Player B, Player B will count toward completing your mission, since they have not been previously been counted during the event.
- When a resident of Japan wins a special reward, rupies will be sent to their crate unless they enter the required information in the special out-of-game website before the specified deadline.
- You will not be eligible for a reward if you have deleted your account before receiving the reward.
- Further details will be published on the special Treasure Trove of Rupies website.
- The content of some prizes may vary according to region in order to ensure legal compliance.
- Employees of CyberAgent, Inc. and its group companies including Cygames, Inc. may not participate in this event.

Treasure Trove of Rupies website