Changes to Cards in the June 27 Release

Hi everyone. In the June 27 (PT) release, we'll be making changes to three cards. This is an explanation of what we're changing and why.


For a limited time after the update, Ceridwen will produce more vials when liquefied. Since Demonlord Eachtar and Magic Illusionist are being strengthened, they will not receive a vial bonus when liquefied.


In the Unlimited format, we found that Shadowcraft decks focused on utilizing the gold follower Ceridwen to summon high-cost followers destroyed using Burial Rite (Ceridwen Shadowcraft decks) held an excessively high usage rate. According to the data we gathered in early June, Ceridwen Shadowcraft held the second highest usage rate (10.7%) in Master and Grand Master rank matches, and the highest usage rate in A rank matches (9.6%).

Ceridwen was first designed for Darkness Evolved when the Burial Rite keyword didn't exist yet. We originally intended for Ceridwen to summon a 4 or lower cost follower into play when evolved on the fifth turn. When Burial Rite was introduced with the release of Chronogenesis, we considered adjusting Ceridwen's evolve effects if it caused balance issues in the game environment. However, during this period Ceridwen Shadowcraft didn't hold a win or usage rate high enough to warrant changes.

Along with Dawnbreak, Nightedge's release came more cards with Burial Rite effects, giving Ceridwen Shadowcraft even more support and largely increasing its usage rate in Unlimited. Once Brigade of the Sky is released, more high-cost cards will be added to Shadowverse—we can assume that this will only continue to increase Ceridwen Shadowcraft's high usage rate. As such, we will be changing Ceridwen's effect in the upcoming update, giving it a more appropriately balanced Reanimate effect and cost.


1. Ceridwen's effect will change from "Evolve: Randomly summon a copy of 1 of the highest-cost allied followers that has been destroyed during this match" to "Evolve: Reanimate (8)."

2. Demonlord Eachtar's effect will change from "Fanfare: Necromancy (8) - Summon 2 Zombies. Fanfare: Give all other allied followers +2/+0 and Rush until the end of the turn" to "Fanfare: Necromancy (3) - Summon a Zombie. Repeat for remaining shadows or until your area is full. Then give all other allied followers +2/+0 and Rush until the end of the turn."

3. Magic Illusionist's defense will be increased from 1 (evolved: 3) to 2 (evolved: 4).

Demonlord Eachtar and Magic Illusionist will be rotated out to Unlimited together with all other Tempest of the Gods cards after the June 27 update.

This is the first time we're reverting cards to their original stats and effects after previously reducing their strength. Up until now, whenever there have been balance issues with certain deck archetypes, we would either reduce the strength of certain key cards or limit their usage to create a more balanced environment.

Now we're taking another look at some of these cards again before they're rotated out to Unlimited. We originally reduced the strength of these cards when they caused balance issues to the game environment at the time. However, we believe that reverting them to their former stats and effects shouldn't stir up any major balance issues based on the current Unlimited environment. Additionally, we've chosen two cards that we expect will increase deck diversity in Unlimited. After observing how this affects Unlimited play, we may consider reverting changes previously made to more cards moving forward.


From the June 27 update until the next scheduled major update on July 29, the following card will produce more vials when liquefied.

- Ceridwen will produce 800 vials.

Normal and animated copies will both produce the same number of vials while the bonus is in effect.

Since we are strengthening Demonlord Eachtar and Magic Illusionist with this update, there will be no temporary vial bonus for these cards when liquefied.


These changes will also apply to all Take Two decks after the update, including decks currently being used in a Take Two run.


To maintain a great game environment, we're always keeping a close eye on match data in the Shadowverse team. Whenever reducing the strength of cards by changing card costs and/or effects, we'll boost the number of vials created when liquefying them. This includes both of our constructed formats, Rotation and Unlimited. In addition to the card changes we've made in the past and card changes targeted for Rotation, we'll also designate cards to have a one-card restriction or banned in Unlimited if necessary.

Any future changes to card costs and effects will be announced in advance, and then changes will generally be made the next day. See below for the scheduled announcement and change dates.

Jul 28 (Announcement), Jul 29 (Change)

These dates are, however, subject to change. Even if there are no changes made to cards, we'll still announce that things are staying the same. If emergency changes are deemed necessary, we may make changes, specify restrictions, or specify banned cards outside of the above dates.

That's all for this time. See you next update!

Shadowverse Team