Prebuilt Deck Review: Primal Flames

Seven new prebuilt decks have hit the Shadowverse shop! Especially if you’re still feeling Shadowverse out, they’re a great way to get some insight into the play styles and strategies of each class.

The 34 cards in each deck are drawn from Tempest of the Gods, Wonderland Dreams, Starforged Legends, and the basic card set. The two legendary cards and eight gold cards are sourced from the newer Starforged Legends and Wonderland Dreams sets, so you’re guaranteed to get plenty of use from them in the Rotation format.

In this article, I’ll let you know about the new Dragoncraft deck: Primal Flames.


So what’s in this deck?


Here is the Primal Flames prebuilt deck.

Dragoncraft is great at quickly getting the play points you need to activate Overflow and Enhance effects or play high-cost cards. At the beginning of a match it might look like you’ve fallen behind, but toward the middle you can swing back ahead by playing high-cost, heavy-hitting cards one after the other.


Load up on play points early on, and start dropping the heavy hitters nice and early!

Prime Dragon Keeper created a totally new type of Dragoncraft deck that allows players to unleash a flood of low-cost followers at once. The followers in this deck have been selected to be versatile and work well with Prime Dragon Keeper. At the same time, this deck has a bunch of ways to make sure you won’t have to run out of cards. Enhance cards in particular are sure to come in handy at the end of the match.


Dragon Summoner is a great way to get Prime Dragon Keeper out early!



Just one card can fill your board with Dragoncraft followers!



Unleash a stream of flame like this to turn enemy followers to ash!



Overwhelm the opponent with powerful Enhance effects!


Take this deck to the next level

One of Dragoncraft’s core concepts is ramping—increasing the number of play points that you can use early on. The Set 2 deck, Aura of the Waterwyrm, has lots of ways to help you ramp.

Prebuilt Deck Review: Aura of the Waterwyrm



Satisfy your need for speed by loading up on play points early!

Dragoncraft is overflowing with Storm followers. You’ll want to check out the Set 1 prebuilt Dragoncraft deck, Dark Wyrmdriver, which features cards that are so destructive that they can decide entire matches. Then use the cards in it to create a destructive Dragoncraft deck.

Prebuilt Deck Review: Dark Wyrmdriver



Soar past opponents with Storm followers, Dragoncraft style!

Set 3 prebuilt deck price: 800 crystals

(One deck available per player)

Following this, we’ll have reviews for the other classes! I’ll see you then!