Prebuilt Deck Review: Cruel Abyss

Seven new prebuilt decks have hit the Shadowverse shop! Especially if you’re still feeling Shadowverse out, they’re a great way to get some insight into the play styles and strategies of each class.

The 34 cards in each deck are drawn from Tempest of the Gods, Wonderland Dreams, Starforged Legends, and the basic card set. The two legendary cards and eight gold cards are sourced from the newer Starforged Legends and Wonderland Dreams sets, so you’re guaranteed to get plenty of use from them in the Rotation format.

In this article, I’ll let you know about the new Bloodcraft deck: Cruel Abyss.


So what’s in this deck?


Here is the Cruel Abyss prebuilt deck.

When you play Bloodcraft, you’ll use often use cards that lower your own defense to get the edge on your opponent. A lot of Bloodcraft cards really start shining once your leader’s defense is 10 or lower, which means your opponent will struggle to get in a final push.



Sacrifice a bit of defense to dive into Vengeance!

This mid-range deck can work both offense and defense, and it’s packed full of cards that have removal effects. Those will use up your opponent’s resources and keep you in Vengeance so you can wrap up the match with one punishing hit. Serpent-generating cards like Stheno and Venomfang Medusa are also sure to see a lot of use in this deck.


Venomfang Medusa turns humble Serpents into a mighty Medusiana.



What do these two cards have in common? They both clear out enemy followers!



To activate Vengeance and control the board, stay in the 10-defense sweet spot!



Once you’re in Vengeance, these followers will help you storm to victory!


Take this deck to the next level

When playing a Bloodcraft deck, you’ll want to activate Vengeance as soon as you can to lock out the enemy—even if it means taking some risks. The prebuilt deck Crimson Pact (from Set 2) has cards that make it easy to do exactly that.

Prebuilt Deck Review: Crimson Pact


Sometimes one card’s enough to activate Vengeance.

Bloodcraft has heaps of cards that make use of Forest Bats. The Kiss of the Queen prebuilt deck can show you what bats can do in numbers!

Prebuilt Deck Review: Kiss of the Queen


Go for the throat with the colony of Forest Bats these cards pump out!

Set 3 prebuilt deck price: 800 crystals

(One deck available per player)

In the next installment, I’ll touch on decks for other classes! See you then!